Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Portrait Sculpt

Finished up a new portrait sculpture:

ZBrush Sculpt

Here are some screen captures of the 3D model - five and a half million polygons. This was seven three hour sessions with the model.

The usual process... merge all the subtools into one, Dynamesh at high resolution to get a single unified mesh, iterate through various mesh editing operations to fix issues, run Decimation Master to reduce the complexity to 300K polygons, import into Rhino for verification and preparation for the printer and router! That's usually about 1/2 hour to 1 hour of effort.

3D Printing

Off to the 3D printer at Taubman College for verification. The printer used was a Stratasys uPrint.

Right out of the printer, still on the printer bed. You can see the support material. Visualize this being build from the bottom up. Anywhere the form is cantilevered too far out it needs support. So under the chin, under the ears, under the nose and eye, etc.


Using a dull knife pry tool I broke this off with no effect on the final print.

Almost done, still some between the neck and pony tail:

An earlier print failed and the power cycled so it could not be restarted. This provides an interesting opportunity to look inside the print to see the internal structure:

The finished print mounted on a Poplar base. One coat of wipe-on polyurethane, one coat of stain, another coat of poly, another coat of stain.