Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Sectioning and Nesting in Grasshopper

I did some experimentation with the sectioning and nesting Grasshopper components available from RhinoNest. The idea was to see if I could interactively modify a 3D form, and have it quickly broken up into layered parts, then have these laid out on sheet stock.

Here's the test form I used - it's about 22" across and 2" thick.

Here's the Grasshopper definition.Inputs are the object(s), sheet thickness and size, and distance between parts. (The link to download is at the bottom of this post).  

The definition takes the 3D form, breaks it up into layers of the specified thickness, and then nests them on the sheet(s). In the image below a 48" x 48" sheet at 0.7" thick was specified.

This example was sectioned and nested in only 3 seconds. I consider that fast enough to be interactive!

You can download the RhinoNest demo and use it for 30 days. The download includes the Grasshopper components.

This link is to the zip file with the Grasshopper definition and a Rhino sample file: Download Here