Monday, August 19, 2013

Six-N-Sticks Design Work

I had the opportunity to do some design and fabrication work for Six-N-Sticks. This is a start up here in Ann Arbor which celebrates the craft beer industry by making beer caddies, and selling specialty beer glassware.

I did all the design work in Rhino and toolpath programming in Mastercam. The first iteration of the designs had 3/4" thick sides and 7/8" thick dowels. We eventually slimmed these down to 1/2" material everywhere and 3/4" dowels for the handles. Here are a few examples of the first caddies shown publicly at the Michigan Summer Beer Festival:

Here are some of the 3D models of the latest designs. Four pack, 22 oz. bottles, ornate sides:

Four pack, 22 oz. bottles, open sides:

Six pack, 12 oz. bottles:

Six pack, 12 oz. bottles, open sides:

All the prototypes and first production caddies were cut on a 3-axis Onsrud Router at the Fab Lab at Taubman College. Here are some progress pictures of the 4 pack, 22-25 oz bottle caddies: