Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Guitar Stands

I was commissioned to design and build a multiple guitar stand. I made it for my friend who wanted to give it to his friend for his 50th birthday.

 Here's my friend's friend receiving it!

Here are some details of the development:
The initial idea was to hold five guitars with one facing forward, the others facing sideways.

After reviewing the 3D model for the large stand I was asked to make a smaller one as well. Here's the 3D model of the prototype.

Here's the prototype, filled with my guitars, built of African and Philippine Mahogany I had on hand:

These photos don't capture the amazing chatoyance of the African Mahogany.

After looking at and testing out the prototype for a while I decided to make some changes. I wanted to alter the way the guitars are angled as they rest, and to eliminate the tendency of the top to twist too easily. Here's the revised computer model:

This uses two vertical supports to provide greater resistance to twist at the top. It also provides some little(!) shelves for picks, capo, tuner, etc.

I hand picked some pretty amazing tiger maple for the final stands.

Some of the pieces, those with the highest curl, are also spalted. These will be used for top, and supports and top rail of the bases.

Here's are some progress pictures...
No top or stain yet, followed by a stained top. You can see what an incredible difference staining the wood made! I used Minwax Golden Oak wiping stain.

The top was cut on a 5-axis CNC router. That was simply an easy way to get the 15 degree slope to the guitar neck cut outs in the top.

The area where the guitar neck rests is sloped. This was first cut straight down, then a few passes with the bit tipped were made to slope it.

Here's the cut piece. Held to a spoil board of MDF with vacuum pressure:

I also designed a Stand for Five Guitars, which is wider allowing for a front facing guitar in the middle.